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steph | 24 | multifandom.

I just like a lot of things, especially mystery solving stilinskis, snarky superheroes, badass ladies, and true alphas.

get in loser we're killing kaiju



captain america | crack!vid

this is literally the most perfect thing I have ever seen

Listen, my gorgeous, young niece…

wow that was so out of character it made me rethink my life choices a little bit

How I feel about my post-graduation plans


Freshman year:


Sophomore year:
image Junior year: image

Senior year: 



beacon nine nine (2/?)

(618): We had a One Night Stand 6 months ago but he just invited me to his wedding. Who the fuck does that.


Derek stares intently at the invitation in his hand. image

After a few minutes of contemplation, he pulls out his phone and texts Cora.

“Do you remember that Stiles guy?”

Cora responds immediately. “The one who left you alone in bed and had you crying into a tub of ice…


That awkward moment when you procrastinate things you actually want to do and you don’t even know why


I don't have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses. 
I just have voices in my head.

Director Rob Reiner often left the set during Billy Crystal’s scenes because he would laugh so hard that he would feel nauseated, and Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya) claims that the only injury he sustained during filming The Princess Bride was a bruised rib due to stifling his laughter in his scenes with Billy Crystal - who ad-libbed many of his lines including ‘MLT: mutton, lettuce, tomato’ and ‘why don’t you give me a nice papercut and pour lemon juice on it’.

i was going to deliver my sister cupcakes for her birthday but they won’t accept my card because i have a hyphen in my name